Wahoo Team

Wahoo Team

Steffen Ehrath

Owner of Wahoo Diving

When I came to Santa Maria for the first time in 2011 and met some of the dive sites, I fell in love with this small piece of earth. The untouched nature and the awesome and diverse dive sites still fascinate me to this day. The potential that these islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean offer is unique in Europe.

After one year as a divemaster and more than five years as an instructor for different dive centers in diverse destinations, among these one year as a tour leader for a liveaboard in Thailand, I was offered the chance to take over a small, family-run dive center.

Miguel Botelho

Skipper & instructor

Miguel, our skipper is also a firefighter. He is also a instructor and knows the dive sites very well. With his even-tempered character and his love of the Atlantic Ocean he is a perfect match for the Wahoo Diving team.

Buddy & Skipper

Hero of the puddles