Generally our dive sites are reached by boat (8,40m RIB). Shore dives are also possible, but these dive sites are suitable for inexperienced divers or alternative dive sites in case of bad weather when it’s not possible going out by boat.

We are the only dive center on Santa Maria, that offers more than 60 dive sites – among these we still have some „hidden secrets“ like smaller caves and caverns.


  • water temperatures up to 25°C in summer, min. 17°C in winter
  • visibility average 20 – 40m, at times up to 60m!
  • more than 60 dive sites in different levels of difficulty, among these 10 with marine-reserve status
  • due to the gulf stream unbelievable abundance and variety of fishes
  • boat dives from May until October / best period of time: June-September

Dive Spots

  • beautiful drop-offs
  • several offshore-shoals
  • 14 caverns and caves
  • bizarre rock and lava formations (overhang, archways, canyons)

Our highlights

  • Formigas: 20 nautical miles off the shore of São Lourenço in the open sea, one of the most popular dive site areas in the Atlantic Ocean – for big-stuff sightings!
  • Dollabarat: three nautical miles next to „Formigas“. A seamount that looms from several 100m up to 4m – another site for mainly big-stuff!
  • Ambrosia: another seamount with it’s peak at 42m – our mobula-spot
    (These off-shore dive sites are with surcharge!)

Fauna and Flora

  • at shore: dusky groupers, amberjacks, barracudas, schools of sardines, moray eels, octopuses, sting rays, nudibranches, fire-worms, black corals, sea anemones, sponges
  • in the caves: unicorn shrimps, locus lobsters, octopuses, different nudibranches, sponges, yellowjacks, moray eels, sting rays
  • blue water: full grown jacks, sharks, tunas, dolphins, turtles, Cory’s shearwater, eagle rays, pelagic sting rays (mainly mobula-rays, occasionally manta rays)