Terms of Payment
50% deposit on booking – complete payment not later then 30 days before date of arrival.

Cancellation fees: 25% of the full price on cancellation up to 30 days before travelling, 50% of the full price on cancellation up to 14 days before travelling, 75% up to 7 days before travelling. If cancelled less then 7 days in advance of date of arrival, we charge the full price.

Venue is Vila do Porto, Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal

Dive conditions
Every diver has to obey the common safety rules for scuba diving. He is responsible for all damages and rescue costs created by violations of this rules. Everybody has to follow the instructions of our diving guides and staff. Violators are excluded from all events without compensation. Every diver confirms by his signature that he has a medical certificat for diving-fitness not older then 1 year.