As the first dive center that was established on Santa Maria, we offer individual diving faraway of mass tourism.
Due to its unique, natural flair and the excitement of diving in the Atlantic Ocean, you can still feel a bit of adventure.
For us diving is passion, and this passion we want to share with our guests.

Steffen new owner of Wahoo Diving

When I came to Santa Maria the first time in 2011 and met some of the dive sites, I fell in love with this small piece of earth. The untouched nature and the awesome and diverse dive sites still fascinate me again and again.The potential that these islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean offer is unique in Europe!

After one year as a divemaster and more than five years as an instructor for different dive centers in diverse destinations, among these one year as a tour leader for a liveaboard in Thailand, the chance was offered to take over a small, family-run dive center.The concept of Robert, with individual services beyond standard programs will be kept but there will be some innovations as well.

  • most favorite divesite: „Ambrosia“ – Where can you see mobulas, dolphins and a whaleshark during one dive?!
  • best experience: 60 minutes diving with a mantaray at the divesite „Caverna Malbusca“ in 2014. Beeing interacting with such a large, but slender creature can not be described with words.
  • hobbies: diving, reading and cooking
  • diving since 1997

Márcia skipper

Márcia, born on Faial, has been living on Santa Maria since 1995. She works since 2012 for Wahoo Diving and knows the area around Santa Maria best. As a trained tour leader for hikings, she knows the special spots and amazing sights. She makes the best Falafel around!

  • most favorite divesite: „Pedrinha“ (probably more than 75% of her dives were done here) „The huge schools of fish fascinate me again and again
  • hobbies: hiking, reading, gardening
  • diving since 2012

MarionDiveguide & Office

Since 2015 member of the Wahoo-team. In Germany Marion worked incidentally in a diveshop. She organised divingtrips- & journeys and accompanied those trips as a divemaster. You will find Marion under water, on the boat and in the office.

  • most favorite divesite: the rock formations of the divesites „Baixa da Maia“ or „Leanderhöhle“ on the eastside from Santa Maria are very nice. „Also the diving at „Pedrinha“ or „Ambrosia“ is very exciting.“
  • hobbies: diving, cooking, Yoga
  • diving since 2004

Buddy Wahoo„bone-junkie & hero of the puddles“
Loyal companion and „favorite-buddy“ since june 2015.